SISREDEX is a software designed for managing goods for export. Manages the process from the moment of merchandise landing, through storage, batch formation, container loading, customs clearance and lading for exportation.

Features a specific module for pick up operation, control and lading of paper and cellulose destined for exportation.

Very effective autonomous application that integrates perfectly with your ERP solution and Sisplan’s container DEPOT control system (SIDEPOT).

Meets all customs (Receita Federal) requirements on data and control.

The system streamlines the process, reducing operational and administrative costs, which results in higher levels of security and agility for merchandise clearance in export operations.

Provides automation to the whole process of volume identification with the use of bar codes and handheld scanners. This feature reduces manual labor, providing higher levels of productivity during landing, storage, container stuffing and loading operations.

All necessary information is provided on a website to fulfill the requirements from Brazilian customs (Receita Federal) and our clients.

The multiple benefits of this solution ensures higher security and a quick return of investment.

SISREDEX is supported by SISPLAN in the following Windows 10 editions: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise.