Remote inspection and oversight

Based on the most strict security protocols, CONFERE is an agile and transparent system for remote cargo inspection and oversight.

In the pursuit of providing inovation and agility to the process for customs inspection of merchandises, Sisplan has released the CONFERE system to enable remote inspection and oversight of cargo for the aduanas, in a secure and transparent manner.

The system was developed following São Paulo’s aduana requirements.

CONFERE allows the fullfilment of any cargo inspection procedure in a remote manner, whatever the specificities and details of the inspection might be, such as the inspection of imported or exported merchandise, abandoned merchandise triage, etc. By means of scheduling, the cargo inspection is done on site with the live transmition of video and voice to the customs agent. Agents from the Receita Federal, Anvisa, MAPA and others have the flexibility of using either a computer or a smartphone for the inspection, enabling it to be done anywhere with a connection.

Security is one of the main focuses. Every inspection procedure is recorded and stored. The security protocols were built to ensure privacy of all data, and it is in accordance to the Receita Federal standards.

CONFERE improves indicators, optimizes the procedure operational flow, reduces the problem of agent shortages and availability, and assists in the distribution of human capital. This tecnological solution was designed to allow for anyone that is authorized to perform a remote inspection of cargo from anywhere in the country, improving performance and efficiency. Furthermore, it could the enable the possibility of full integration between the Brazilian aduanas in case the system is adopted at a national level in the near future.