SIPORT is a port management software made for import and export regime of long course and cabotage, container unloading operations, vehicles, general cargo and bulk. Some of the features to stand-out are:

– Cargo manifest integration;
– Mooring record;
– Management of full or empty containers with EDI to the shipowners;
– Compliance with the Ministry of Agriculture requirements;
– Operations with handheld scanners and barcodes;
– Compliance with Brazilian Federal Police requirements on data and control;
– Website for Brazilian aduana (Receita Federal);
– Website for clients and shipowners;
– Container and cargo arrival/departure with DTA;
– Compliance with ANTAQ requirements;
– Has a module of Depot of containers and booking;

Works as an autonomous application that integrates perfectly with your ERP solution.

Meets the requirements of ADE nº 2 from Coana/Cotec of december 26th 2003, and Brazilian Federal Police.

Is integrated with many suppliers of scanning equipment for identification of vehicle plates and containers though OCR technology. Also in compliance with Brazilian aduana (Receita Federal) requirements.

All necessary information is availabe in the WEB to fulfill the Brazilian aduana (Receita Federal) and clients requirements.

The multiple benefits of this solution ensures higher security and a quick return of investment.

SIPORT is supported by SISPLAN in the following Windows 10 editions: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise.