Warehouse Management System

SISARM is a Warehouse Management software for merchandise control under general warehouse regime. It is an effective tool for management and control of general and temperature controlled cargo.

Besides cargo control, it also provides standard weight separation, varied weight and expiration date control (FIFO).

Works as an autonomous application that integrates perfectly with your ERP solution and ledger system.

When the NF-e is received, the shipment data from the nota fiscal (remessa) is received and become available as expected arrival (for scheduling) until the cargo is actually received, then all data is registered in the system.

Manages the whole process from merchandise landing, through storage, lading, departure and return nota fiscal.

SISARM is adapted for sales nota fiscal integration. It also issues the return nota fiscal.

Provides automation for the handling unit identification process with the use of barcodes and handheld scanners. This eliminates the need for manual labor making unloading, storage, container stuffing and loading operations more productive.

Provides your clients with all the information they need throught a website.

The multiple benefits of our solutions ensure agility, security and a quick return of investment.

SISARM is supported in Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise.